Everest Executive Education is an international human capital Development and continuing professional education Institute. We specialise in capacity building, transformational learning and performance improvement. We have helped to improve the performance of organisations, public and private, large and small.

What we do

We work with our clients to develop and execute solutions that help them to build capacity, create customer value, systems and develop a culture that is customer focused and innovative. We enable our clients to adapt and gain a competitive edge to meet the challenges of the global marketplace. We have helped client firms to build the right capacity for work place performance, developed and implemented strategy measured and improved performance.

We help both public and private clients improve their organisations, processes and performance. We provide hands-on change management support.

Today when nearly all industries are undergoing massive change, every organisation is facing tough learning challenges responding to the dynamics. These developments foster increasing need for bespoke intelligent solutions. We work to fully understand our clients business, strategies, goals and their operating style process. We analyse the organisational and human resource dimensions of business problems and provide pragmatic, enterprise solutions. We apply the latest methods to source, collect, interpret and disseminate information. We maintain an extensive database of competency models for key roles in high-performing organisations and our solutions are at the cutting edge of innovation and effectiveness. Our process seamlessly integrates best-in-class technology, consulting and human resource practices to deliver innovative and comprehensive business solutions.

For over the years we have been helping clients improve their business, profit and market performance. We provide advice and consulting services at strategic, execution and operational levels, concentrating on three key areas:

  • Improving business performance
  • Making development and performance more sustainable
  • Assessing market potential and key trends

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