Give your staff the tools they need when facing upheaval, uncomfortable and challenging situations


Now you can learn the skills to tackle and solve real-life situations with increased confidence of a pro. You’ll role-play issues such as team dysfunction, mediation, coping and working through “survivor” shock from layoffs, as well as the difficulty when merging with another team or another corporation. This workshop helps you become more resilient and effective during tough times. It gives you the critical tools to work with the most uncomfortable situations. You will increase your chances of turning bad scenarios into more positive outcomes and lead your team with increased effectiveness.

How You Will Benefit

  • Master practical, proven techniques for dealing with uncomfortable, challenging situations
  • Become skilled at trying to avoid potentially litigious situations
  • Write a difficult-to-create performance evaluation
  • Enhance your team-coaching skills
  • Overcome communication barriers to productivity
  • Understand how to supervise while coping with survivor shock

What You Will Cover

  • How to coach uncooperative employees
  • Constructive and destructive conflict and how to capture conflict’s benefits
  • Techniques for using conflict to increase cohesion
  • The four stages of mediation
  • Learn to delegate effectively to reluctant staffers
  • Motivate “survivors”: strategies for helping employees overcome organizational and interpersonal obstacles to performance
  • How to write helpful, legally-sound performance appraisals

Learning Objectives

  • Master Practical, Proven Techniques for Dealing with Uncomfortable, Challenging Situations
  • Become Skilled at Trying to Avoid Potentially Litigious Situations
  • Write a Difficult-to-Create Performance Evaluation
  • Enhance Your Team-Coaching Skills
  • Overcome Communication Barriers to Productivity
  • Understand How to Supervise While Coping with Survivor Shock


  • List the Major Topics to Be Considered
  • Discuss the Value of Confronting the "Tough Stuff"
  • List Ground Rules for the Meeting
  • List Collective Goals
  • Complete Pre-Work Exercises to Pinpoint Personal Goals
  • Explain the Contribution Connection

Coaching Uncooperative Employees

  • Define "Diversity" and How It Relates to Coaching Difficulties
  • List Specific Behaviors You Expect from Your Employees
  • Reaffirm the Importance of Coaching Today
  • Explain the Value of Eleven Critical Coaching Skills
  • Use the Contribution Connection© to Plan a Coaching Approach for Your Own Most Challenging Employee

Resolving Conflict to Increase Cohesiveness

  • Discuss Constructive and Destructive Conflict and How to Capture Conflict's Benefits
  • Describe Four Resolution Positions and Your Own Style Preferences
  • List Techniques for Using Conflict to Increase Cohesion
  • Demonstrate the Contribution Connection© Approach to Resolving Conflict
  • Explain Four Stages of Mediation
  • Mediate Disputes between Others

Delegating to Reluctant Staffers

  • Discuss the Difference between Delegating to an Individual and to a Team
  • List Ways to Make Delegation "Attractive" in Tough Times
  • Explain Six Authority Levels and Explain the Importance of Delegating Them Specifically
  • Develop an Authority Level Matrix for Two Staffers
  • Demonstrate the Contribution Connection© as a Delegation Monitoring Tool and Delegation Meeting Guide

Motivating "Survivors"

  • Discuss Key Issues for "Survivors"
  • Face the Feelings behind Complaints, Accusations
  • List Strategies for Helping People Through
  • Use the Contribution Connection© to Plan Alliances to Overcome Organizational and Interpersonal Obstacles to Performance

Managing Performance: The Written Part

  • Adapt the Contribution Connection© Framework to Draft Hard-to-Write Documents
  • Use Grammar and the "Power of Three" to Confront Tough Writing Tasks
  • Write and Edit Corrective Action Memos That Encourage Behavior Change
  • Write Helpful, Legally-Sound Performance Appraisal Documents
  • Develop and Use a Customized Editing Check

Who Should Attend

Managers and supervisors with three to five years of experience, process and production supervisors and graduates of Management Skills for New Managers, Management Skills for New Supervisors and Making the Transition from Staff Member to Supervisor.

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